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Hey loves, I’m a 20 year old soon to be 21(august 23rd :D) African/American college student. I was born and raised in small country called Cameroon in Central West Africa. I grew up in a culture filled house hold full of empowering and inspiring women. My mom came to America all by herself when I was 6 years old to build a better life for us. For the six years that my mom was gone I grew up with my aunt and my grandma who are both deceased now.

They taught me a lot about being a strong woman. For six years I watch my aunt and grandma work to put food on the table to feed a family of 7 people. I watch my aunt study to advance in her career and my grandma cleaning, cooking, and baking little snacks to sell in front of our house to earn extra income. Then coming here and seeing my mom work from scratch to the BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) makes me not only proud but to continue that legacy. That’s where Mode Melanin comes in. I love fashion, beauty and Music. I geek out over what pattern shirt goes with which solid color pants or even what eye shadow I can wear that’ll match my outfit. Not only I’m I clothes obsessed but I’m also shoes obsessed.

I have a huge love for African designs and outfits. I can’t wait to future some African designs on this website, show some love to my culture. Being in college gives me a lot of room to really figure out my style and Mode Melanin is the perfect place to display those styles and watch as my style grows and becomes more me.

About Mode Melanin.

Mode Melanin was created by me early this year. I created Mode Melanin as a creative outlet for myself where I can share different aspects of my life that will inspire women of all color. Mode Melanin is created as a space where women of color can find answers to all aspect of their lives, from makeup, fashion, apartment décor to even relationship advice. I want women of color to feel empowered, to love themselves. I want to provide list of resources for women who want to be entrepreneurs as well. I want to help pave the way and be that inspiration for someone who wants to make a better live for themselves and don’t know how to. I want Mode Melanin to be that place where they can come and find all the answers. As an African American I couldn’t find a blog where I could relate to the writer. I couldn’t find a place where I can I could get makeup that works for my skin tone down to finding advice on how I could love the black on my skin. So one day I told myself instead of searching why don’t you just create. Create that space for people coming in behind. Be that support that they can’t find anywhere else.


For business inquires please email me at: maayuk@modemelanin.com


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