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5 Tips on How to Have an Effective Day

Hey Guys, sorry it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve actually been feeling down the past couple of weekse and kind of lost motivation to do anything when it came to my future. But thanks to my incredible boyfriend who really motivated me to keep trying and to keep my head.

When I was having that low moment I did realize that a lot of it was due to lack of motivation. I realize that in order to motivate yourself you have to have something to look forward to. So I started trying new things and seeing what works over the past two weeks and I can proudly say that these 5 tips having been working very well for me and I hope they do they same for you.

Plan Your Day

Wake up early or stay up a little bit late before bed and plan your day and write it down in a journal or notebook. This is so effective because it takes the stress off you having to remember what to do everything, it keeps you organize and it just a time for yout o just take a moment to your self to figure what needs to get done. Make sure you input every deadline in your calendar and set a reminder for yourself. This is honestly one of the best ways to make you feel motivated for the next day, plus its also a nice excuse to make coffee and a cute little snack for yourself.

Wake Up Early & Get Active

This is a daunting one I’ll say but its honestly so easy to do. When I was in California last week for a DECA Business Conference I found myself waking up every day at 6am, maybe because it was the two hour delay from Minnesota but whatever it is it works! It was such a great way to clear my head before I started the day. Prior to this I was so use to getting up and immediately rushing to get ready and then start driving late to wherever it is that I was going. Its hard to do that because I stress myself before the day even starts and thats so unhealthy. So I encourage yout o give this a try, if waking up an hour before is hard start by waking up 10mins before and make your way up. But while doing this I still encourage you to have at least 8hrs of sleep everynight with a minimum of 7hrs.

One Task at a Time

I’m such a multi-tasker! I’m always trying to do 10 things at one time and end up never finishing any of them. This is also an important step because it goes hand in hand with planning your day.┬áMultitasking has been proven to actually decrease productivity and increase stress. it’s known that those who are successful focus on one specific task and do that task to the best of their ability without interruption. You can zone in on your talents and abilities by focusin on just one task by doing so you can prioritize between the tasks and do the most important first. By doing this you have to remember that it’s okay not to get all of your task done in one day. There’ve been so many times where I wrote down 20 things to do forgetting that I have school, homework, work and blogging stuff. So set your task according to your day and prioritize so you can accomplish your important task first.

Get Rid of Negativity

Imagine a wind blowing away all the dandelions away. That’s how easy it is for you to get ride of negativity. The reason this is so important is that negative people always find way to keep you down, keep you unmotivated and keep you from achieving your potential. Its not a good feeling to have someone constantly bring you down, that’s why I’m now so grateful to be surround by a lot of positivity. They not only motivates me but also brings me up when I let myself get down.

Read More!

It’s so important to read. Reading a physical book nowadays have gone away a little bit as technology takes over but with that comes its advantages, books are a lot cheaper now than what they where before. Reading stimulates the mind in a healthy way. I read to discover new passions or to learn more about my passions. I love reading, it’s helped me become the woman I am today, even though there’s still a lot to learn. I encourage you guys to take 15 mins before bed, put away the phones and read then go to sleep. This will help you sleep so much better than spending the last 15 mins on your phone before bed.

Well that’s it you guys, thank you so much for reading this. Ever since I started implementing these steps,my days have been a lot more structured and fulfilling. So definitely give these steps a shot!

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