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Top 5 Clothing Stores that offer student Discounts

Hello loves, today I’m creating a list for 5 clothing stores that offer student discounts. The time has come for back to school shopping and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I’m going to be doing a lot of back to school series. I figured this would be the best way to ring off this new series. As a college student I totally understand the stress of money. We don’t really have a lot to work with and I don’t  always want to shop at thrift stores. I like new clothes, I like buying it cheap and I like discounts. So to make things easier for you guys I’ve combined some clothing stores that do offer some pretty good college discounts. Fun fact these discounts sometimes apply even on the sale items. Without further adue here are my top 5 clothing stores that offer student discounts.


I was honestly shocked when I found out that ASOS offer student discounts. I had no idea that they did. To be honest though I’ve kind of been intimidated by ASOS, so many of my favorite fashion vloggers on YouTube shop there and when I went to their website I quickly realized that I couldn’t afford their clothing. But just last month I learned the key to shopping at ASOS for broke people like me. (well it’s a huge secret so I’m going to tell you. Make sure you keep this as a secret between the two of us) alright here we go. ASOS has a huge sale’s section (some big secret as if that wasn’t known) no i mean a big sales section with additional 70% off. Crazy I know! It’s on their website but you just have to look, on there you can buy items for under $20!! (what???) oh yes girl this is real. Click here to see those items, and I believe you can add the additional 10% off student discount on top of the sale. ASOS has so many trendy clothing items and you can also follow them on Instagram to shop some of their looks.

Urban Outfitters

Guys this is my store! I love this store because it’s more of my style. I would definitely say I have more of a feminine boho urban style and this store along with free people encompass a lot of this clothing pieces that I love to wear.  One of the reasons I created this blog was to share my unique perspective on mixing different styles together. I can’t wait to share that with you in future post. The good thing about Urban Outfitters is that they always have sales going on. Right now they actually have a 75% off  discount on all bedding tapestries so check that out. The student discount that they offer is 10% off. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it’s does bring the cost down a lot if you’re going to be spending like a lot of money. it adds up! plus they do have cheap items too as well. What I love most about Urban Outfitters is their blog. I love the different recipes, interviews with fashion industry leaders. Their blog also has clothing and beauty tips that they offer. So check it out here!


NA-KD has been around for a few years now. I wasn’t really aware about it until I saw a couple of my favorite Instagramers promote the website. They have a lot of amazing trendy clothing styles and they are pretty big within the social media realm. They’ve done a lot of sponsored post with Youtubers as well as Instagrammers. I’m a big fan of this store because it has a lot of trending clothing items for cheap and their accessories are pretty unique too. Another bonus to this site is that you can also shop their social media feed. In their feed you’ll see a lot of pieces worn by Instagram influencers. They have an awesome sale’s site where you can get clothing items for up to 70% that’s pretty dope and they also have student discounts for 12% off any clothing item. Pretty rad I would say. You can check them out here.


Express is a pretty cool place to shop if I do say so myself. I’ve bought a couple of silk long sleeve button up shirts and pants from here for my internship. No worries we will talk all about internships in the next couple of post in this series. I know Express sounds expensive but when I go shopping either on their site or online I was always go straight to the sales section first. That’s where you usually find most of the deals and they always have extra sales going on. On top of that they have coupon codes spread out online for you to use on their regular price items. Express offers up to 20% off for student discount depending on the location and if I do say so myself that’s an amazing deal! Check them out here

Forever 21

Guys this is one of my favorite stores. They carry so many amazing pieces that are trendy and stylish plus they are also very affordable. I’ve been shopping at Forever 21 for the longest time now and I had absolutely no idea that they even had a student discount till last month and ever since then I’ve been using it like crazy and if I do say so myself it does come in handy. The reason I love this store is because they have everything here, makeup, room decor, accessories, shoes, just everything. Their website is even better you can shop Instagram pieces, so if you need helping putting together an outfit that is a great tool.They offer a 10% off student discount and from what I’ve read you can pile it on-top of other coupons to get a cheaper price. I know 10% is not a lot but when you do go do that shopping spree for your back to school outfits this is going to help you pay less. Check out the new items that just came online here 

Well guys, I hope this post was helpful to you as it was to me creating it. There are so much more places such as technology, restaurants, and shoe stores that offer student discounts all you need to do is ask. The worst they can say is no and if they do at least you asked. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you and if you have any back to school post request.

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