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Celebrity Get the Look: Shay Mitchell

Hey Everyone I’m here with my first ever celebrity get the look. I’ve always been in love with Shay Mitchell style. She has this type of pretty punk look which is such a complete opposite from her character Emily in Pretty Little Liars. I always hated when I saw my favorite celebrity wearing something I love and then I check the price and cringe  because I can’t afford it. But fear no more because I’m here to breach that gap.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful she is? Like really!

I just love this look! it just has such an edge to it. Everything looks chic! Bomber jackets are definitely in this season. I love how this one has a flash of the orange color and it just adds color to the all black sleek look. This look is so versatile, you can change the shoes and wear your favorite sneakers, vans or nikes and it’ll become a sporty look. Or change the bomber jacket into a blazer and it becomes a work outfit.

Since this is such a simple look. I decided to create a get the look. This is my version of her look. I also included the places I got each item that I bought each item in my outfit. You guys should definitely go check out because some of the items are on sale!


Thank you all for reading this! I tag all of the items that I’m wearing down below and I made it very easy for you guys to buy them and lucky for you some of the items are on sale. If you do get them don’t hesitate to tag me in your photos. Check out my last post on the taking care of type 4c hair.

Comment below if this is an outfit you’ll wear.



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